What to Expect during your QHHT Session

Important Things to Consider when Choosing a QHHT Practitioner
and What to Expect from Your QHHT Session

  • QHHT sessions should never be done via Skype, phone or remotely. A proper QHHT session should only be done in person with a trained QHHT practitioner.
  • Appropriate QHHT session length – Ask your potential practitioner how long their QHHT sessions typically last. QHHT sessions should be a minimum of four to five hours. This time includes an interview, the hypnosis experience and time afterwards to discuss your session. If a practitioner states a session lasts less than 4-5 hours know that isn’t a favorable situation.
  • When QHHT is given properly it is meant to be a one time experience. If your potential practitioner suggests that additional sessions are needed or recommended please know this is not typically necessary.
  • Here is a brief YouTube clip discussing these topics:

  • It is recommended by the QHHT Academy that practitioners not charge for sessions while they are in their training phase and gathering experience. Depending on how often new practitioners are doing practice sessions this training phase can last six months to one year.
  • A QHHT experience is unlike a psychic reading experience where you are given the information by someone else. A pure and true QHHT experience is special because the practitioner is facilitating the client to access the client’s own knowledge and healing. This truly is the experience of all answers lie within. If the practitioner is doing the healing or answering the client’s questions for them, know this is not QHHT.
  • A true and pure QHHT session does not combine other modalities before, during or after the QHHT session. QHHT on its own is a very powerful and transformative experience perfected by Dolores Cannon and her decades of hypnosis work. There is no need to add or combine modalities with it. Matter of fact, when other modalities are added, the QHHT experience is watered down becoming less effective.

The following video addresses two frequently asked questions:

 1.  What questions can I ask in my session or How do I create my list of questions?

 2.  Can I be hypnotized?

Feeling somewhat awake & aware in a session

A common misconception about the deep state of hypnosis is that you will feel asleep and/or not remember much or anything of your time in hypnosis. What we have found in the past few years is that with the raising of consciousness in humanity, many people experience a profound and expansive QHHT experience while possibly feeling somewhat awake and aware. Your practitioner is trained to help you recede the ego and have clear and easy access to your subconscious (High Self) even while having the feeling of being awake and aware. Matter of fact being aware and having clear access to our higher guidance is where we as a whole are headed! Please see this YouTube clip for more understanding.

Three simple tips to help you let go and have a great QHHT session:

1) When your practitioner asks you to see or feel something try to see and feel it with as much detail as you can imagine.

2) When your practitioner asks you a question always answer with the very first thought you have.

3) Talk and describe what you are seeing, feeling and experiencing in as much detail as you can.

Please see this YouTube clip for more information on these great tips.

Dolores Cannon: What does it feel like to go into trance?

Renowned hypnotherapist and past life regressionist Dolores Cannon talks about the experience that a subject has during a QHHT session and how she documents and shares the information she receives.

Dolores Cannon: What is it like to go into a past life?

Dolores Cannon describes the unique experience each subject has when being regressed into a past life using her QHHT method of hypnosis. Past life regression is the first step to accessing instant healing and unlimited knowledge that comes with accessing the subconscious.