My QHHT Story

There is so much to say – I am putting it in writing now 🙂 Under Construction just for the moment

QHHT – Dedicated Practitioners in Canada:

I am a proud member of the Original Quantum Healing Practitioner Support Forum where practitioners exchange ideas and dialogue together about how to facilitate superb quality sessions for their clients.

I would like you to know that my dog and I work as a team during QHHT Sessions. She’s friendly.

I am simply astounded by the angelic nature of dogs for the purpose of healing humans.
Even though Little Love is a hypoallergenic therapy dog (that’s her job through the St. John’s Ambulance therapy dog program, other than being adorable), I didn’t imagine I could have her around during QHHT (quantum healing hypnosis technique) sessions. I am part of the QHHT Practitioners Forum so we talk about these sorts of details together, supporting each other to facilitate superb sessions for our clients. As was discussed there, it is known that dogs can sometimes react adversely when energy surges occur during the healing sessions, creating symptoms like vomiting, pacing and barking.
After much prayer and receiving unexpected guidance from those around me, I finally acknowledged that Little Love and I are supposed to work as a healing team. Little Love helps clients feel at ease as they are describing their life events and what they want to transform and heal with QHHT. Then during the hypnosis portion she sits next to me on a chair with a cushion on it, holding the space in silence for at least two hours. At times when clients are emotional and crying while witnessing particular scenes or experiencing major epiphanies, I notice she climbs onto the bed to cuddle with them. After the client wakes up, she cuddles and plays more with them.
I will never cease to be amazed at the soul embodied by this 9 lbs bundle of cuteness. She first helped me heal and now she is helping everyone else heal too.