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What are the benefits of having a QHHT session? What’s in it for me? 

  • One benefit of QHHT is having your deepest life questions answered by your own “SC” team. Most of us have experienced what it’s like to get advice from a doctor, a friend, a spiritual teacher, or a psychologist. I find these sources outside of ourselves are helpful but having the wisdom coming from deep inside yourself, through your own voice during your session, is incredibly empowering and insightful. Who knows you better than yourself and your SC team?
  • Address the deepest root cause of your challenge right now: Are you sick and tired of dealing with the same emotional, mental and spiritual patterns that are not quite healthy for you and your loved ones? Have you tried everything else on your own and just need some deeper help to find out why these patterns are still so prominent in your life? Sometimes the biggest challenges have a root cause in other incarnations and are not necessarily about what you experienced in this life. Many people around the globe have found deep and long-lasting healing by facing their deepest traumas and life lessons carried over from other incarnations.
  • If your SC finds it appropriate for your life path and knows you will follow up with the suggestions it gives you about how to change your life, you may experience a complete physical healing of your body. Many times we get sick because we have an important life lesson to learn, so when the lesson is faced and processed, the physical symptoms disappear. One famous example is Anita Moorjani, author of “Dying to be Me”. Anita experienced terminal cancer and a near-death experience. Once she went to the “other side” to find out a few key things about life, she re-entered her body and her cancer disappeared within a few days. You can watch her talk about it here. What’s great about QHHT is that you don’t have to die to access some of the wisdom from beyond the veil!
  • Do you have someone in your life that you simply don’t get along with no matter how hard you try? Or do you have an unexplainable deep soul connection with someone who you just met? Do you want to know why a certain person acts in a particular way toward you? It is quite possible that these are patterns carried over from another lifetime with those people, where you played different roles in different circumstances. QHHT helps you to explore some of these soul contracts you made with those souls people before you incarnated this time. Your SC can provide suggestions about how to continue healing your relationships with these particular people or even how to manifest a life where you are united with your beloved.
  • Your “SC” is a collective made up of your higher self, spirit guides, guardian angels, ascended masters. We can ask to contact with and get messages from these various aspects as well as with deceased loved ones.
  • Receive concrete suggestions for your life purpose and how create the life you want to live. You are worth it!

Am I going to be stuck in a state of trance for 4-6 hours? That seems like a long time to be under.

4-6 hours (sometimes longer) is the total length of our time together. That includes our pre-hypnosis and post-hypnosis discussions. The hypnosis portion itself is rarely longer than two hours in total, so as to avoid you feeling groggy afterward.

 For the list of questions I bring with me for my session, is there a limit to what I can ask?

Absolutely any question at all can be asked, on any topic. If your “SC” (the higher dimensional “team” of guides, angels, and so on) don’t think you need to know the answer now, or it will interfere with your free will or life path to know, they would just say they can’t answer it, or they might ask the question in another way themselves to clarify it. But we can bring any question to their table and see what happens. A side benefit of writing any question down without hesitation is to see for yourself what issues matter to you right now.

Someone tried hypnosis on me in a public setting for an event, and I couldn’t be hypnotized. Would QHHT work on me?

There are many different types of hypnosis, for various purposes ranging from entertainment to healing, and they truly cannot all be lumped into one category.

Past life regression is only one type of hypnosis. Sometimes group regressions are offered (such as the ones Dr. Brian Weiss offers at the Omega Institute), where the whole group is led through an induction sequence or guided visualization. Because group regressions are not one-on-one, and because it is a public setting, most people find that they enter a lighter alpha brain state rather than the deeper theta state that we aim for in QHHT.

Although many of my clients so far said that they doubted they could even enter a trance state, they ended up going deep into their experience during the session anyway. As Dolores Cannon said, if you have experienced that state right before falling asleep, and right after waking up in the morning, that time when you are just starting to experience and remember dreams, then you have basically experienced what it’s like to be in a QHHT hypnosis session. It’s natural and effortless.

Am I going to totally lose control, be totally unaware, and say something embarrassing? (Based on hollywood depictions of hypnosis)

When you are in the theta trance state, you are not totally unaware of what is going on. It’s very similar to the state right before falling asleep, and the time right after you wake up after a night’s rest. Many of my clients report that no matter what else is going on during their session (whether they are experiencing a vivid past life, another dimension, or when the SC speaks), there is part of them that is totally aware and observing what is going on. During the session sometimes the left brain wants to take over and says things like “Oh, I am making all this up”, “What I just heard myself say sounds so stupid”, “Where is all this coming from?” and so on. It’s kind of like a background commentary that is not unlike the judgments we make in our daily lives while awake. I always tell my clients that they may experience this background commentary and it is quite normal, but the best way to handle it is to not believe or pay much attention to those left-brained assessments, if only just during the hypnosis portion itself. My clients feel relieved knowing that these are normal thoughts they may have and that helps them relax and just enjoy the experience. QHHT requires some degree of open mindedness and an open heart to try something new. I never know what a client will experience during the session, but I trust that their higher self and SC is showing them exactly what they need at the time. Whatever messages and experiences that come through are meant for you right at this timing. Rather than feel embarrassed or out of control, my clients report that they felt awe at what they were vividly experiencing, a deep sense of reverence for the wisdom and insight that was spoken through them. They are surprised at what they hear on their audio file after the session.

What does it feel like to be in trance, in that theta brain wave state?

If you have experienced the brief time right before falling asleep, when you are totally relaxed and just starting to dream, you have experienced that theta state. And if you’ve woken up from sleep and can briefly still remember your dreams but are not quite awake yet, you have experienced it. What we do during QHHT is simply expand on that brief time period and go deeper into it, without you falling fully asleep. If you have sat in meditation and created an elaborate daydream, or have gone into a channeling state to speak words of wisdom from your highest self or other entities, you will find that the state you enter during your QHHT session is already very familiar. The theta brain state that we work with is totally relaxing, natural, and easy – you don’t have to have any special powers or exert willpower to get there; if anything this is more about letting go and having fun.

Is QHHT safe?

The hypnosis portion of the QHHT session is like experiencing a vivid daydream during which I ask you questions about your experience, and you talk. Your SC team is watching over you always (even when you are asleep at night), and it’s not different with QHHT. The worst that can happen during your session is that you fall asleep.

I want to experience QHHT but I just can’t afford it. Do you offer anything similar at a lower price?

I offer Group Regressions that lead an entire group of people through a regression and guided visualization. Because this is a public and group setting, people sometimes find that they don’t quite experience as deep of a level of trance as they would in a one-on-one session. Even if you don’t get to a theta brain wave state in a typical QHHT session, the lighter alpha state can still be helpful in giving you a taste of what a deeper QHHT session feels like, and many people do experience vivid past lives even in a group setting. You can find more information about upcoming Group Regression events on my website’s Events section.

Dr. Brian Weiss is an example of someone who offers group regression workshops (at the Omega Institute). His method is slightly different but you can read about the miracles that took place even in a group regression in his wonderful book, co-written with his daughter Amy Weiss called “Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past Life Memories.” Dr. Weiss also has a free group regression video you can try safely at home here.

What if I find out something traumatizing about a past life that I really don’t want to know, such as seeing myself as a murderer or watching myself or a loved one die a horrible death?

During your session, you will only ever be shown whatever is most appropriate for you to experience at this time on your journey, given the life themes you are working on now. If your SC doesn’t find a scene relevant for your spiritual evolution and healing transformation, especially if it will interfere with your free will, you won’t know about it. On the other hand, if your SC knows you are ready to handle the information, you will be guided through it in the most appropriate and healing way. Sometimes we think that by avoiding something uncomfortable it will go away, but often the opposite is true. Only by facing, processing and owning our deepest traumas whether in this life or others can we transcend them. Your SC team loves and supports you unconditionally, so you are always in good hands.

I want to transcribe my own QHHT session so I can have it in writing for my blog. Do you have any tips? 

You can use apps like Dragon Dictate to help you transcribe your audio file. If you have a mac and you are listening and typing out the transcript I would use a free program like ExpressScribe to help. If you want youtube to help you transcribe, this is one way.

What exactly is the “SC”?

The “SC” is short form for the “Subconscious” the way Dolores Cannon uses the term. This is very different from the “Subconscious” the way that psychologists use it. In the world of QHHT, the SC is considered a collective, comprised of your higher self or soul, your guides, your angels, possibly deceased loved ones who want to come through. I like to think of the SC as a bigger or more whole version of you. The SC is not something entirely separate from us, but it does feel that way sometimes when we totally identify with our human ego, or this temporary personality we are embodying in this incarnation. We can think of the SC more like a Superconsciousness (Dr. Michael Newton uses this term), Universal Mind, or Universal Consciousness. It’s that larger divine aspect of us that we can tap into when we surrender the ego a bit more. During QHHT, the conscious mind and ego are in a totally relaxed and surrendered state so this easily opens the door for better connection with the SC portions of ourselves. After the session, clients report that they have a deeper sense of understanding and connection and sense of cooperation with their own higher selves. To me, this awakening to our wholeness is a wonderful byproduct of experiencing a QHHT session.

When we called in the SC, my voice and manner of speaking seemed to totally change and I was talking about myself in the 3rd person. What’s going on? 

Yes, when you listen to your audio recording after your session you may notice your SC has a slightly different personality (for example, more humorous, more strong-willed or more loving), and will refer to you in the 3rd person. From the SC’s perspective, you are deeply cherished and loved, but you are a small character with limited knowledge of the bigger picture. They can see more about you and all your incarnations, since they are at a higher dimension. When the SC comes through, the energy sometimes changes my clients’ voices temporarily, and this is normal and harmless. My clients report that they felt a powerhouse of energy and love speaking through them, as they were simultaneously observing themselves. It is quite a lot of fun actually.

When we called in the SC, I started to feel a strong presence all around me, and I even felt an energy surge in my body. What is going on? 

Some of my clients have experienced temporary headaches as the energy enters the space, or even energy moving through their bodies in the form of itching or heat. Sometimes the electronics in the room flicker and malfunction. This is all normal and the symptoms are temporary. After contacting the SC so many times, I have come to totally trust their infinite wisdom and pure unconditional love. I never worry about these energetic shifts because the SC only delivers what is needed for the specific client at the right timing, and they know what they’re doing.

Can I contact or receive messages from my deceased loved ones, angels or spirit guides during the session?

Yes. The SC can be considered a collective, and sometimes we do call on specific aspects of that collective during a session. Sometimes specific guides come through strongly, at other times we can call in specific Soul Council members (as Dr. Michael Newton did with his clients), or ask for messages to be delivered by deceased relatives. We never know beforehand what will happen during the session and while we can request contact with specific aspects, the SC will decide what is most appropriate for you to experience at this timing, and may explain why a certain experience or bit of knowledge is not appropriate for you now. Your guides do respect your free will as a human character, and have your best interests at heart always.

When you ask me at first if I can see a red bird, do you mean with my eyes? When my eyes are closed all I see is a dark nothing, so does that mean it’s not working or I can’t be hypnotized? 

All the visualizing in QHHT is done not with the physical eyes but with the mind’s eye, that part of the brain where you can imagine things, just as in your dreams. Sometimes to make it less confusing I ask if you can “imagine” a red bird. It’s the same part of your mind you would use if I asked you to close your eyes and describe the layout of your home. You can “see” your home in your mind’s eye and you can describe it for me in great detail. The longer I ask you about your home layout, the more you will use your mind’s eye and the less you will notice the sensations from your physical eyes.

QHHT is just a bunch of “woowoo” for gullible new age people. I’m way too smart and left-brained for that – why should I bother trying? 

You are an empowered sovereign divine being and you decide what your highest excitement is. No one can force you to do anything you don’t want to, and not all experiences are meant for us depending on our soul, our life themes, and our goals. Having said that, Dr. Wayne Dyer said that “the highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about” so have the courage to investigate any assumptions you may be holding about a given topic, spend some time to research the topic from many angles, then decide for yourself. That’s a smart thing to do.
Also remember that our preferences change as we do. Years ago when I was fully immersed in my worldview as an academic (a form of hypnosis unto itself), if someone mentioned QHHT I would have been dumbfounded and would have just ignored it entirely. When the timing was right in my life I was led to explore it in depth. Your gut will let you know when it’s time.

I want to learn more about past life regression and QHHT. Can you suggest some resources?

I’ve listed some excellent resources for you here. You can also check out some of our favourite books about past life regression in our library here. Happy exploring!

Do you offer QHHT for young adults and children? 

I prefer to work with clients at least 18 years of age.

I want a session with you but you live too far from me! Do you ever go on tours to offer QHHT sessions to people living in other cities?

Not at this time. All sessions are held in-person at the QHHT Healing Center, but that might be fun in the future!

Can you recommend other Dedicated QHHT practitioners that live closer to me?

You may browse through the list of Dedicated Practitioners worldwide here.

I have seen other QHHT practitioners also videotape the session with their clients. Can I have my session video recorded too?

We can set that up if you want a video recording, especially if you want to bring your own camera. We can also post it on youtube if you want to share your session with family and friends.

Are you going to program me or brainwash me to do something I don’t want to?

I think partly this question comes up because of hollywood depictions of people being hypnotized in ridiculous circumstances, with pendulums and clocks and so on. Another part of this is that people sometimes approach hypnosis as something esoteric or mystical. It’s really just easier and simpler than that.

QHHT is not a form of mind control. You are the one who will be experiencing whatever your SC wants you to see, and you are doing most of the talking. I am the facilitator who asks questions so that you can verbalize what you are experiencing (so you can listen to it later too), and on your behalf I ask the questions you wanted to ask your SC.

You can think about this another way. Let’s say you are enjoying a peaceful daydream in meditation, or you are just about to fall asleep (and in the theta brain state). If you hear the doorbell or if you feel someone poking your arm, you would react by immediately waking up and answering the door or poking your friend back, right? Your higher self always has your best interests at heart even in a trance state. You can trust in that power because your heart still beats even while you are fast asleep.

Why is the pre-hypnosis discussion so long? Do you really have to know any details about my life before we start?

Our discussion before the hypnosis portion is meaningful and necessary for several reasons. This is the time when I ask you to describe your life as if we are watching a movie about you. I ask you to describe important events and significant cast of characters in your life. Asking for specific names of the people important to you in this lifetime is helpful because during the session you may see those same loved ones in a different form in another lifetime. Knowing people’s names helps me to keep track of these characters we encounter during the session and I may refer to these names again when we speak with your SC. It is helpful for me to know things like your birthday and where you grew up. Sometimes clients do not go to a past life at all, but to scenes earlier in their current lifetime. As I ask questions during the session I will get a sense of which scenes your SC has taken you to re-experience. Our pre-hypnosis discussion is also the time when we explore in detail your list of questions you brought with you, and to generate even more questions as we brainstorm together to further assist you on your life path. This time also functions also as a sort of counselling session, as I bring my wealth of knowledge and life experience to the table with you. As a claircognizant empath, I hold space for you while you are speaking and I can sense the questions or concerns you have that you have not yet voiced or made conscious to yourself. During this time I voice these concerns for you and may offer suggestions. During our pre-hypnosis discussion I get a chance to feel your overall soul energy and life path and this helps me to enter a channeling state which will continue during the hypnosis portion. While in a channeling state, I fully surrender to my own higher self and guides, and am prompted to ask certain questions in a specific way and specific timing to best assist you during the session.

I don’t believe in reincarnation, is this even going to work?

You don’t have to believe in anything to have a QHHT session. The only thing you need is an open heart to give it a try with direct experience. Many people who didn’t give much thought to past lives, reincarnation or life between lives ended up having vivid memories and healing experiences as you can read in the books of Dolores Cannon, Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Michael Newton.

 If I go into trance, will I get stuck and not be able to come back to my regular body and personality?

It just doesn’t work like that. When you go take a nap or sleep at night, you go into an even deeper delta state, and you don’t worry much about waking up after that. No need to worry about going into theta either. It’s just a natural and simple state that you already experience at least twice a day without thinking much about it.

Is QHHT going to instantly heal me without me having to make any changes to my life or way of thinking?

QHHT is not a magic bullet. I am only a conduit or facilitator for your healing, and that’s why I love QHHT so much – I want you to be fully empowered and take charge of your divinity and your life. All healing is ultimately self-healing, so you have to make an intention to heal and to work on making transformations for your highest good. I can hold the space or help you open the door but ultimately you have to walk through it. Having a QHHT is a wonderful and courageous step in that direction. When your SC makes suggestions for you to work on, it’s up to you to listen and make the changes. The more you follow what your SC advises, the more healing and transformation you will experience in your life. No one else can or is going to do this for you. I am only here to facilitate and guide you in the direction you want to go with your free will as a divine being. Although only one QHHT session is usually needed, it’s up to you to make the best of it afterward in your day to day life.

Why do I have to listen to the audio file of my QHHT session afterward? What happens if I skip that step?

After your hypnosis session, you may be totally convinced that you remember everything that happened during the session. I ask my clients how much time they think has passed since we started and they always estimate much lower. I also ask them about what happened during the session and they don’t quite remember certain parts. Just like when we wake up from a dream, the longer you spend back in your regular waking life, the more you will forget the incredible wisdom and insights delivered during your session. It is important to listen to the full recording at least once (the more the better) to have these insights affirmed repeatedly because sometimes our egos get in the way of following what the SC suggested. Especially if the ego is not comfortable with the changes the SC is suggesting (even though it’s for your highest good), your ego may try to sabotage your progress by convincing you not to listen to your file and keeping you on your path of status quo. Some people listen to their audio file daily and have experienced the most significant changes in their lives. If you are skipping key steps in your healing process, that might be a sign that you weren’t looking for healing and transforming after all.

Now having said this, in some cases the SC is known to make audio devices (even several backup devices at once) malfunction, rendering the audio files inaccessible or totally deleted. QHHT practitioners have noticed this happening in sessions of very high frequency (such as when their client has experienced Source, or sees themselves as energy beings), or sessions featuring ET abduction scenarios in their current lifetime. Sometimes the SC also deletes audio files during sessions that would be emotionally painful for clients to listen to over and over – in this case it seems they feel the client had enough healing during the hypnosis portion and need not revisit those. In other cases, the SC may delete files because they feel the client will overanalyze what happened in a cerebral way that will be counterproductive to the healing they need to experience at this timing. During my QHHT internship period, the SC totally wiped one of my client’s audio files, and it turned out to be a huge blessing for her to not listen to the files again because she was one of the people who would endlessly analyze the file. After that happened though, I decided to always have backup audio devices going at once, so that we will know for sure that if they all malfunction it’s the SC’s doing and for the client’s highest good.

I felt somewhat awake and aware during my session – does that mean it didn’t work or I just made it all up?



QHHT violates my religious beliefs. My holy book says reincarnation is not real and that exploring past lives is a sin. My religious institution says that healing can only be bestowed by God. Am I going to hell if I have a QHHT session?


Why can’t my best friend or spouse sit in on the session? We share everything anyway. 

Do you offer QHHT sessions over Skype?



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