Booking your QHHT Session

Booking your QHHT Session -  Samiksa Love

Dear One,

I facilitate only one QHHT session per day so that I can dedicate my time and energy fully to you for the day you visit. Please select your appointment using this online scheduler below. Once I have your appointment information I will send you an email with more detailed instructions about your upcoming session.

I am currently experimenting successfully with incorporating other healing modalities into our sessions, including channeling, energy work, and guided visualizations.

A note about how this online scheduler works:
Once you choose your “service” type from the drop-down menu, you will then see prices for each service show up next to my name under the “provider” section. ​Once you choose your appointment, you will then be automatically led to the paypal payment page.Please note that all appointment times listed here are in EASTERN STANDARD TIME (EST), so please make sure you are taking your time zone into consideration when choosing your appointment time.
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Details & Payment
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Please select service, date and provider then click on the Find Appointments button.

Sessions typically run 4-6 hours, but sometimes longer (the deep hypnosis portion of our session is no longer than 2 hours). Please set aside the full day for your session so you can rest and contemplate both before and after our time together.

While I meet with clients on Skype for Post-QHHT Counselling, I do not facilitate QHHT sessions electronically. There is really no substitute for meeting in person, heart to heart, for this blessed healing session, so all QHHT sessions are held at the healing center.

If you have any questions, please contact me using this website form

I look forward to meeting with you, Dear One!