Do things because you love to!

A lesson I have learned time and time again:

When we do things because we simply LOVE to (we’d do it anyway, even if no one was watching, even if we didn’t get paid or rewarded for it, because it is inherently joyful and unleashes our soul), rather than a place of obligation (for whatever reason, we have convinced ourselves that we ‘have to’, we feel lack and are seeking to fill ourselves up, we are restraining ourselves, or seek some kind of reward for it subconsciously), then our actions take on an unearthly level of potency that is pervasively healing, joyful and uplifting for all involved. This applies especially in the case of compassionate actions toward others. Otherwise, it’s pretty much a lose-lose situation; the giver and recipient end up with low frequencies in one way or another. Try the “win-win” situation by doing things out of joy and see how your life and the lives of those around you blossom to supernatural joyful levels. All we can do is be tuning forks – let your joy be contagious. I truly believe it is called ‘loving-kindness’ because true kindness comes out of a place of love for what we’re doing. And if you want to continue with the exact same actions, the alchemy is in finding a way to love what you’re doing. I felt pure joy writing this, so the words flowed with ease in a few moments and I was typing with a big smile on my face  If I had forced myself to write something out of obligation, the words would come out with difficulty, I’d feel exhausted and frustrated, and no one would even benefit.

 I love you all 

Samiksa Love

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