Count your Blessings without Fear!

Please do not ever be afraid of counting your blessings for fear of losing them!
In certain cultures around the world there is a peculiar aspect of instilling fear into members of society for celebrating a blessing. For example in a place like Iran or Turkey, there is a concept of “Nazar” where if you share a good thing in your life, you have to worry about people around you sending you the “evil eye” of jealousy that will then snatch your blessing away from you. As a result you hide everything good. In certain places such as India people go so far as to mark their beautiful children’s faces with kohl pencil so as to make them “imperfect” to jealous onlookers.
Anthropologists have studied this phenomenon to a great extent. They have noted that people must resort to using objects like “evil eye” amulets or prayers to protect themselves from the repercussions of the good thing in their life. In some places around the world the belief in “Nazar” (and in other areas “witchcraft”) is so strong that a person could end up dying from a stopped heart – such is the nature of self-hypnosis and manifesting our beliefs in the world.
The interesting part is that our belief and expectation in that outcome is exactly what can make it happen! We start to find evidence to support our belief (people around us start to act with hostility toward us for having some blessing in our life), we could self-sabotage our own blessings on their behalf and we could even find ourselves unconsciously feeling jealousy toward those around us who have some blessing or actively trying to harm them.
When under trance of belief, humans are capable of anything! It seems to be there are two root beliefs behind this particular human behaviour though:
1. A belief in lack. That there is not enough to go around. That if one person has a blessing it must have been at the cost of someone else losing theirs. We have to compete for blessings.
2. That blessings are meant to stay forever, that we deserve to hold onto them or that it’s up to us to keep them.
No one can control which blessings come and go actually!
Try this out for yourself until it becomes direct experience: the more you count your blessings the more they multiply, but in different forms that we need given the stages of soul evolution. No one blessing lasts forever because life is dynamic change.


Life can be turned into a heaven when we can celebrate our own blessings and even moreso celebrate the blessings of those around us.

You have the choice to adopt a new core belief and practice it in your daily life! Dare to make a change to your own BS (belief system).


Celebrating all of my blessings and all of yours! May they multiply into eternity with infinite forms!
Samiksa Love

2 thoughts on “Count your Blessings without Fear!

  1. Impressive work, you are the same sameeksha I think, God be with you blessings and keep up the good work you e gifted talented and warm hearted, you leave an everlasting impression on people whom you meet , I just cherish the memories spent with you, keep up the good work, you do need solitude to do such divine work,

    1. Namase Auntie Shanta,
      I do remember you and thank you very much for your kind words. Wishing you and yours all the wholesome blessings of God always. Samiksa

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