Your Signature Energy Transmission (SET)

Your Signature Energy Transmission (SET) -  Samiksa Love

Are you looking for a sonic boost on your path of healing and awakening?

I would be honoured to meet with you on Skype to talk over whatever you are concerned about at this stage on your life journey. As an empathic channel and intuitive, I will ask questions and provide concrete suggestions on behalf of your higher self and guides. I will gently help you to work through energetic blocks with guided visualization. During our time together, I will hold space for you as a fellow traveler of life who cares about your well-being. I love you and you are worth it. After our discussion, I want to channel a Signature Energy Transmission specifically for you, to assist you with your desired transformations.

Sound penetrates barriers of language and personal identity, catalysing powerful transformations in you as a listener. Channeled Energy Transmissions have been incredibly healing for me and for others worldwide (you can read about what others think about them here: They are meant to assist you in meditation, visualization, energy healing, relaxation, and frequency elevation.

What is different about the Signature Energy Transmission is that after our Skype discussion, I will sit at my piano and enter a channeled state, asking the helpers at the higher dimensions to assist you on the given themes we explored. The Signature Energy Transmission is channeled as a reflection of your own Signature energy and your life themes and goals, so it will be that much more potent and meaningful for you. At least an additional hour is spent editing and uploading your SET to my website after our Skype session.

After I channel your Signature Energy Transmission, I will notify you that I’ve listed the unique audio file on my website Energy Transmissions Shop, which will be available for you to download (at no additional cost) with a code you can use at the checkout. The price of the SET is included in your Skype session, but the SET will be listed at $11.11 CAD for others if they wish to download it. While your SET was channeled for you, I believe it would also be of benefit to others so I list them at the Energy Transmissions Shop for purchase. 

I will also post a notification that your SET is ready to download on the Samiksa Love Channeled Music Facebook page. This music is channeled and intended just for you, so the more you listen to it, the more it will assist you to make the transformations you were hoping for.

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You may find testimonials for the Signature Energy Transmissions here:

Some excerpts from channel Sal Rachele’s book “Earth Awakens: Prophecy 2012-2030”:

“Some of the music currently being produced on Earth originally came from the Lyra/Vega star system, where the human DNA ultimately began. There are specific sequences of chords and melodies that trigger the immortality gene and higher awareness in the DNA molecule. Repeated listening, under the right environmental conditions, to these sequences can result in rapid or even instantaneous healing.”

“In the years to come on Earth, many of the synthetic medicines will be replaced with music, sound and color therapies as well as herbal remedies. The pharmaceutical companies that are not evolving holistically will either convert their facilities to the manufacture and distribution of these natural technologies, or they will cease to exist.”