ET Testimonials

Reviews on Facebook:

“The music is very cosmically relaxing and soothing actually.
I have not felt this type of music before. Gratitude and appreciation”

(Edward H., Brisbane, Australia)

“This music is utterly spellbinding. It transports you to another dimension.”

(Maureen, Tipperary, Ireland)

“I found the sounds quite soothing,
I was just packing/cleaning and playing your sounds and it was quite pleasant”

(Kurt, Kenosha, WI, United States)

“Your music feels like out of this world so I feel more connected with my Source.
I always listen to the songs you post in the Resonance [Facebook] group.
Other than that I sometimes listen to it when I [do] yoga.
I plan to use them when I form meditation groups but haven’t started that yet.”

(Nico, Belgium)

 “Thank you so much for your beautiful music.
Always I was able to immerse in a peaceful meditative state listening to your music.
Also, there were occasions I was able to have my own visionary experiences while listening to your music
that allowed me to gain very profound inspirations. Much love and gratitude.”

(C.S.P., Illinois, USA)

“I first listened to Samiksa’s channelled music only a few weeks ago and I’m really impressed,
I’ve listened to every channelled transmission since and have been using it to meditate to.
It left me with a deep sense of peace and contentment and I feel really relaxed.
I’ve shared the music with friends in the healing community everyone agrees it’s just beautiful” 

(Sarah Baker, Reiki Master Teacher, Roydon, Essex UK)

“Your music your art and your aura your writings have always resonated with deeper parts of my souls alignment,
I would really want to hear read and see more of healing for myself and others on this planet.
Thank-you for helping heal this planet in your own way, Samiksa ….
as they say in Hindi, a heartfelt dhanyavad!”

(Sanjay P, India)

“Beautiful music!! Awesome meditation videos to soothe your mind, body, and spirit. Much love.”

(Matthew M., Indiana, USA)

“Love your channeled music and visuals. They are so soothing, peaceful and mesmerizing”

(Jeannette, South Australia)

“Amazing!!! One of the energy videos I watched just revived me & filled me with so much joy,
thank you for these videos!!”

(Tracey Alexander, Lavina, Montana, USA)

“Samiksa Love, I love, love your compositions.
That is the fastest way for me to get aligned without having to meditate.
Your pieces are full or love and high vibrations.
Thank you for posting.”

(Lety Arzate, San Antonio, Texas)

“Wow. Thank you for sharing the entrancing power and gift of sound.
The energetic shifts within me were profound and immediate. 
I feel much gratitude for your beautiful creations.”

(Megan Hensley, Knoxville, Tennessee)

“This for us who understands space and time! Lovely!!! This was wonderful and full of love and the truth!
I am a musician myself and I can hear the colors… Thank you dear Samiksa!
It’s not just the music – It’s all about the the emotions and how close we are to each others!
It’s all about our feelings to be close enough, even if we have a light years distance between us.
I think – It’s all about Love! Love will find you in nano-seconds even where ever you are…Love is eternal.
One guy (Albert Einstein), once said that love is energy and it will never disappear. I believe in it….

Music is important to me because I am a musician and composer but love means everything to me…
I could never do any music if I could not feel the love inside of me…
That’s why I also love you and your music… it touched me and my heart.

There is one more thing that I want to tell you… You don’t need much, it’s perhaps on sound or one note,
but if it makes happy even one of the whole worlds people, you have succeed
and you will surely get the answer and a pleasant payback…”

(Jarmo Lainevuo, Helsinki, Finland)

“I love your music Samiksa! Very pretty and emotionally enlivening”

(Colin E. Davis, New York, USA)

“Music channeled by Samiksa gives me a sense that the Universe supports me and is pleased that I exist.
It is a relief to experience this beyond intellectual knowing
and find the Soul knowing, responding and moving out of sleep.” 

(Dee Nickelson, Detroit, Michigan, USA)

“I loved it”

(Mina Metry, Alexandria, Egypt)

“Your music and your videos are soooooooo awesome, its like visual meditation for me. Calms me down and soothes my soul – thank you!  Some days when I dont feel like doing a quiet, closed eye meditation, I love to watch + listen to Samiksa’s videos and do visual meditations. It instantly calms me down and soothes my soul. I love love love your music Samiksa!”

(SK Chandra, Fremont, California)

“God bless you! These channellings are incredibly beautiful and powerful. Your work is a blessing. Thank You! ❤”

(Zsolt K., Serbia)

“I was led to your music after years of feeling stuck in life. I have always had a resonance with music but your activations open me up to a deeper self. Your music seems to activate past lives for me. Since listening to your music I am experiencing shifts in my life towards more alignment to my true self. Thank you”

(Jayne Flintoff — Psychic, Intuitive Guide, Wayshower, and Reiki Master, UK)

[Upon listening to the Energy Transmission “Celestite Speaks”] “Thank you! Intense third eye activation. Wow. My sinuses also opened way up and tooth pain transmuted. My skull changed shape, I feel. Beautiful. Thank you”

(Aeryn North, Ascension Blogger — Manchester, United Kingdom —

Your Signature Energy Transmission (SET) Testimonials

“Wow!!!  Here’s what happened while listening to one of your Signature ET music just now. First, as the music was started I let my eyelids relax and close down gently. Then I had an intention to let my frequencies switch closer to my guides’. Immediately I felt electric sensations on the head and face and chills on the spine. I spontaneously let a free-form energy dance start while still seated simply tuning into your SET music. Such a tremendous liberating and at the same time soothing feeling!!!  Now even though the music has ended, I still sense so much energy flowing in my body while feeling such calm and peace inside. Sooooo beautiful and healing and soothing all at the same time.  Thank you so much, Samiksa! ❤”

(CSP, Illinois, USA)

“It is always fascinating to have music according to your soul and made for your personal self. This music was not only inspiring for me but also helped me to get out of my comfortable zone of listening to the same things and not knowing about the fascinating aspects of music as a great tool for healing. Being out of your comfort zone and at the same time being comfortable was a new experience to help me think out of box and accelerate my healing process. I may have lots of bad news about my health but still listening to this music takes me to somewhere full of happiness and hope. It is Samiksa herself who gives me that opportunity by giving me beautiful and precious soul gifts to help me recover from my sorrow, anger, and sadness towards a healthy and happy life.”

(S.A., Ontario, Canada)

“Thanking you so very much for channeling this sublime and profound music for me. I must say it was so surreal listening to it as it was very moving in parts because this music made me feel things I had not felt before in a good way indeed as it took me to all types different places in past lives both in Europe and Asia. It certainly spoke to me in more ways of mind, heart and Soul that I would or could of not have imagined. “

(Edward H., Brisbane, Australia)

“Wow!! So so beautiful! I felt that! There are certain parts that felt like I was lifting upwards to fly….freedom…true freedom from being earth bound. My breathing changed as well as tempo picked up and felt energy move up my spine like a tingle..was so awesome! I felt alot in my solar plexes building and tears came near the end…then when music stopped I released negative energy from solar plexes!! I needed that release…thank you so much sister Samiksa….you have a Divine talent and a very gracious and Loving heart😊Namaste🙏”

(Lisa H, Ontario, Canada)

“Your music is the most amazing gift. The “Signature Energy Transmission” came to me on my journey right when I needed it most. Just listening to the song taps me into the energy of my Soul. I can listen to it after a crazy day or when I’m going through times of confusion, and it helps me center and create. It’s hard to put into words an experience so sacred, magical and life transforming!”

(Abby Miller, MA, WorldWide Self Hypnosis — California, USA)

A few minutes after receiving her Signature Energy Transmission, which had featured the visual imagery and energy of a lavender mist to soothe her mind, my client sent the following message:

“The Archangel Chamuel- did you know? Not only the Archangel for loving patience with others, creative intelligence, peace and deep inner healing, but the angel to call upon if you have lost something and want to find it quickly. I needed my earbuds to listen to some personally channeled music by my friend Samiksa Love, and they were not to be found, until I stopped going in circles looking for them, allowed myself to be quiet, then asked for Chamuel’s help. Immediately an image popped into my head, I then walked directly to my lavender colored sweater in the other room, they were in the pocket. Samiksa, thank you and I thought you should know.”

(Candace Craw-Goldman, Wichita, Kansas – New Earth Journey –