Channeled Music (ETs)

 Samiksa Love Channeled Music
Energy Transmissions for Healing and Awakening

Energy Transmissions to assist you in meditation, visualization, energy healing, relaxation, and frequency elevation
are available as digital downloads in audio format here:

Samiksa spent years in traditional piano training and teaching with the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada.

In 2013 she realized that energies outside of herself were wanting to express through her in musical form.

So she let them, and started recording.

At first she assumed these sessions were simply her own improvisations.

As she learned more about spiritual channeling, she came to recognize that

this music is being channeled from other dimensions and carry specific messages and energies for all of us.

During a channeling session, Samiksa sits at the digital piano with an open heart and presses the record button.

The rest is as much of a surprise to her as it might be to another listener.

The sessions are joyously healing and transformative for her as the energies pass through.

This music is channeled and shared with Love for you to use for meditation, relaxation, concentration,

as a sleep aid, in music therapy, devotional settings, or as accompaniment for your own art and design projects.

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