Basking Under the Love Star – 03222017

With the permission of my clients, I am sharing a series of channeled messages that come through during the Signature Energy Transmission sessions. You can learn more about the SETs here, and you can download them here. While the music and messages are channeled specifically for each individual, I found that the messages contained therein are universal, and are helpful for humanity in general, since so many of us are going through common themes while in human form. May these channeled messages below assist you on your divine journey in the ways you most desire.
Love and Blessings always, 

Signature Energy Transmission
Basking Under the Love Star – 03222017

Dear One,

This energy transmission was channeled with the intention of assisting you to remember yourself throughout the day as a light-hearted playful spark of God. In your daily life, you are someone who plays the role of a leader in a school setting, with a clear vision in mind about the school’s overall mission and how things are supposed to unfold there. As a leader, you are the one in charge of bringing order and inspiring people around you to embrace this vision. You feel this vision so palpably in your heart, but you find it difficult to express your truth to those around you in a way they will understand, and it can feel frustrating at times. As a leader, you feel torn between forcing and waiting, impatience and postponing actions to make this vision come alive at the school. At this point in your life you are looking for a sense of clarity about how to ease this strong sense of duty and responsibility (which can bring much tension to your body and mind), yet also help bring positive change to those around you, while continuing to be an example of goodness since you were a child. While channeling this piece, I was visualizing you in your expanded form as an eternal being of light, like a big bright star, hovering and radiating over your entire city, especially around the school. From this vantage point, as a star being, full of unconditional love, you watch all the characters playing their different roles, including your human character experiencing these human emotions and struggles. From up here, the pressures of daily life seem less serious, answers to questions are easily understood, and you watch everything unfold in perfect divine timing. From up here, you know that each character is always loved and supported, no matter what it seems like at the time, and each are playing a role temporarily before they too return Home as beings of light. As you listen, notice how light-hearted, sparkling and soaring the melodies are in this channeled piece. Attuning yourself to this music, feel yourself surrendering fully into your form as this bright sparkling star of love, expanding larger and larger, brighter and brighter, to embrace everything in love. Throughout the day, when you are finding yourself getting caught in dilemmas of daily life as a human, play this piece to remind you of that other dimension, so that no matter what you feel and do in the here and now, you are always basking under this love star which feels like Home.

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