Namaste Divine Sisters and Brothers,

I’m Samiksa Love (pronounced sam-eek-shaa). In essence, I am another version of you, and we are fellow travelers through life.

Like you, I have played many different roles during this lifetime.

And like you, throughout my life I have heard the quiet voice of my heart and my passions calling out to me. At each life stage I found it necessary to heed those calls, even when they seemed to go against the status quo. My inspirations challenged the limits of everything I thought was possible.

In 2013, in the midst of training for a lifelong career as an academic, I started to experience a series of spiritual awakenings and my life changed drastically. While searching in the dark, I found others out there who called themselves empaths, lightworkers, and energy healers. I found regular people like you finding themselves experiencing major life changes and spiritual awakenings as part of a larger shift taking place on the planet now. I continued to follow my inspirations and discovered more about Who I Really Am beyond this physical plane. I directly experienced a wide variety of metaphysical concepts I had previously only heard or read about and learned from other metaphysical and spiritual explorers around me. I began noticing the so-called “extrasensory” perceptions (mostly clairsentience and claircognizance but also clairaudience and clairvoyance), which are being refined each day. This world turned out to be far more wondrous and mysterious than I ever imagined, to put it lightly. We have work to do together on the planet now.

Samiksa is a sanskrit adopted name with many meanings, but to me it is a reminder about seeing and living out the truth of Who We Are. I have learned that Love is our truest lineage, and Love is our truest connection with each other here and now.

I am here to remind you of the highest wisdom, love and celebration already inside you. I delight in holding this frequency for us through my presence, through creative expression like music and artwork, and through the spiritual insights we share together. I welcome you and celebrate you wherever you are on your journey of healing and awakening.

If you want to learn more about me, please see the following pages on this website:

Celebrating Life Together,


p.s. here is my little Love – 9 lbs of pure joy who keeps me on my toes!