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visualization, energy healing, relaxation, and frequency elevation
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This album is a reverie on Love in all its divine and human forms, featuring sound meditations that assist you to tune into the Eternal Love that is always already…

This album is dedicated to all divine children, featuring gentle melodies and delightful rhythms to soothe and inspire

This album is dedicated to our human experience of time, explored through music that features unique rhythms, introspective speeds and expansive sounds.

This album features Energy Transmissions intended to assist you to connect with, and strengthen your continuing bond with, your spirit guides and angels and widen the channel to all the…

This album is intended for use in meditation and other deep contemplative practices, featuring unconventional yet ambient melodies and rhythms that assist you to transcend your routine ways of perceiving…

Audio Downloads (.m4a format)


Energy Transmission (June 27, 2015 – 3) — Audio (.m4a format)

Energy Transmission for All Sentient Beings 12-12 Gateway Blessings - 12122017 Transmission Length - 2:21

Energy Transmission for all Sentient Beings 777 - 08302017 Transmission Length - 3:37

Energy Transmission for All Sentient Beings A Call to Remember - 12162017 Transmission Length - 2:52

Energy Transmission for all Sentient Beings A Daily Choice - 08022017 Transmission Length - 4:54

Energy Transmission for All Sentient Beings A Folk Song from Andromeda - 09282016 Transmission Length - 3:28

Energy Transmission for All Sentient Beings A Heaven in a Wild Flower - 06252015 Transmission Length - 3:57

Energy Transmission (June 6, 2015 – 1) — Audio (.m4a format)

Energy Transmission (June 9, 2015 - 3) — Audio (.m4a format)

Signature Energy Transmissions (.m4a format)


You can learn more about these hereThese will be added as they arrive.

Angel's Eye View - 02122017

Basking Under the Love Star - 03222017

Chorus of Dolphins - 02172017

Courage to Face Trauma - 02132017

Deep Soul Diving - 02192017

Easing Irritation - 03052017

Eternal Embrace - 02282017

Flying through Ethereal Realms - 02242017

Goddess of Springtime - 02162017